How can we be kept informed on the project?

Submitted by patrickboileau on Thu, 09/15/2016 - 12:49
Wataynikaneyap will inform community members and stakeholders using the following:
  • Updates to Communities
  • Community Engagement
  • Chiefs and Board Meetings
  • Tribal Council Meetings
  • Local Community Workers
  • Traditional Knowledge Workers
  • Posters, Radio, TV, Bulletins at Band Offices, Surveys, Newsletters, Home visits, Social media
  • You can contact any of these representatives above and/or visit for more project contacts, updates, and
Schedules for upcoming events, such as Environmental Assessment, Community Open Houses and field surveys, will be available through project workers or on the website. To register for our mailing list, or directly ask our team a question, visit the website and type in your question.
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