Can I still hunt, travel, and collect plants under the transmission line?

Submitted by patrickboileau on Thu, 09/15/2016 - 12:32
Typically there are not access restrictions under transmission lines unless there is:
  • Risk to power line workers or other employees associated with the project
  • Public safety concerns, such as a risk of lines touching people or equipment during work
  • Potential for damage to infrastructure including the condition of the ROW and maintenance access trails
  • Requirements for Operation and Maintenance (O&M) work activities
Based on these requirements, there may be times during operation and maintenance when access is restricted to a section of the ROW due to work activities. We will work with land users and the communities to provide advanced notice and the general timing of operation and maintenance activities to try and accommodate any of their access requirements. You can still hunt, travel and collect plants where there are no restrictions.
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