How many transmission towers will be constructed? What is the typical tower and its height?

Submitted by patrickboileau on Thu, 09/15/2016 - 12:24
The detailed design for infrastructure, such as tower/pole height and spacing, will be completed after the 5 km study corridors have been narrowed down to a 40 m (130 ft) wide Right-Of-Way (ROW) using community input, feedback, and through environmental studies during the Environmental Assessment process (see FAQ # 16). Most of the line will use double pole “H” structures, and some sections will use single poles.
In areas where single poles are used, a pole will be needed approximately every 183 m (600 ft) depending on the ground conditions. In areas where double pole “H” structures are used, they will be needed approximately every 244m (800ft).
The height and distance between poles is determined by the weight of the line, how much ice build-up is expected, and how high the lines need to be above the ground.
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