I’ve seen maps showing proposed 5 km and 2 km corridors. How were those proposed corridors identified and is Wataynikaneyap clearing that whole area?

Submitted by patrickboileau on Thu, 09/15/2016 - 12:17
The preliminary proposed study corridors were initially identified based on engagement with and input from the Wataynikaneyap member communities, together with computer modelling using cost and constructability, socio-economic and land use and natural environment criteria. The preliminary proposed study corridors are generally 5 km wide.
We are now (early summer 2016) engaging with the communities on the proposed 5 km wide preliminary study corridors to identify sensitive land use areas. The results of this engagement input, along with engineering and environmental factors, will help to identify a 2 km wide study corridor, which will be the focus of the Environmental Assessment.
The 2 km study corridor will contain most of the other project components like construction camps, access routes, and equipment staging areas. The cleared corridor (the ROW – right-of-way) will be approximately 40 m (130 ft) wide. We will also be working with communities to identify this final 40 m (130 ft) ROW within the 2 km study corridor. This work will continue as the Environmental Assessment progresses.
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